BOAT MODEL:  The Power Drifter with Planning Hull


The Power Drifter with Planning Hull










No other boat can Get You Too More Fishing Water and Back Home without the Shuttles Now You Can Fish More Water with Greater Success with Your New Power Drifter. Call or E-Mail us today for more information and pricing.

Ask professional guides why Fish-Rite is their chosen drift boat.  Superior handling and comfort they say, plus one less obvious advantage:  our bottoms.


Only Fish-Rite builds its drift boat bottoms and chines to take years of use and abuse, employing T6-6061 aluminum, the highest tensile strength aluminum made.  In rough water, that's comforting to know.


And speaking of comfort, nobody offers as much spaciousness and up to three swivel-style front seats.


The Power Driver has all of the features of the Fish-Rite McKenzie - "The Cadillac" of drift boats, with a Planning Hull to offer the best powered drift boat driving.  Nothing tops a tough bottom!



Several different Models to Choose From:

  • Prop or Jet Outboards motors
  • Run in as little as 4 inches of water with the jet outboard
  • Tiller or Consol Steering
  • Various Seating configuration
  • Lots of storage
  • Set-up for even the Long Spey Rods
  • Special Floor and Deck Coatings for studded boots
  • One Color plus Matching Graphic Packages
  • Many Other options to Choose From
  • Baker Galvanized Trailer with Roller
  • UHMW bunks and Guides

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